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      (Dermapen 3 Microneedling)

      Downtime: This really depends on your skin response. It can be 2-7 days. If you have microneedling more frequently, the skin will thicken and there will be less redness. Some peeling can occur. We advise you not to go swimming (chlorinated water) and not to use hot water or products on your face for 24 hours after treatment. You must use SPF 30+ as your skin may be more photosensitive.

      Treatment Length: Maximum 1 hour, including pre-treatment and aftercare.

      Options: Usually a facial treatment, we can provide body treatments with microneedling rollers (please ask).

      Details: Joshua has nearly 5 years experience in micro-needling and accreditation from several training academies, so you can be assured he’s among best in the field at this treatment. Also called ‘Collagen Induction Therapy’, microneedling rejuvenates by creating thousands of tiny pinpricks in the epidermis; triggering a controlled healing response.

      Microneedling is one of the few technologies with scientific backing; it really does stimulate the production of new tissues, particularly collagen and elastin and growth factors. In this sense, it is similar to a skin peel, which also triggers a healing response, but the two work differently and are complementary.

      We use an automated pen tool, the Dermapen 3 MD, which is similar to a Dermaroller but less damaging to the skin and more targeted in application – we can adjust the depth and speed to treat specific conditions and areas of the skin. You will see an improvement in skin texture, tone, and function after the first treatment, with wrinkle reduction and skin thickening over a course of treatments.

      Microneedling is effective at combating the signs of aging and slowing down the aging process but also in improving some acne conditions and reducing post-acne scarring.