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Head Therapist

Joshua is a Level 4 qualified Aesthetic Therapist with extensive training in several advanced treatment techniques. He has a passion for excellent treatment results and high ethical standards. 

Berkshire Skin

Originally mobile in Berkshire (hence the name), we now have our first clinic in Basingstoke. We offer clinically proven anti-aging skin procedures alongside relaxation and beauty treatments.


All of our treatments avoid harsh chemicals, are cruelty-free, and don’t contain animal ingredients. We don’t buy from cosmetic companies who trade in China due to cruel animal testing practices on all imported products.

Advanced Aesthetic Treatments

Dermapen Microneedling

£145 per 45-minute session

Microneedling or ‘Collagen Induction Therapy’ rejuvenates the skin by stimulating the production of new tissues, particularly collagen and elastin.

You will see an improvement in skin texture, tone, and function after the first treatment, with wrinkle reduction and skin thickening over a course of treatments.

Microneedling is effective at combating the signs of aging and slowing down the aging process but also in improving some acne conditions and reducing post-acne scarring.

Joshua has nearly 5 years experience in micro-needling and accreditation from several training academies, so you can be assured he’s among best in the field at this treatment.

Microdermabrasion Facial

£45 per 45-minute session

An intensive form of exfoliation, using a diamond tipped wand, preceded by a cleansing and followed with reapplication of vital skin hydration. This facial gives your skin a healthy glow and a deep clean. 

More treatments in February 2019

This is a new clinic and we want to maintain a high-quality service so we will be slowly releasing our full range of advanced aesthetic treatments.


Gel Shape and Polish


Gel Manicure


Express Manicure


Men’s Manicure



Gel Shape and Polish


Gel Pedicure


Express Pedicure


Men’s Pedicure





Lip, Chin, Sides of Face




Full Body


Chest and Abdomen




Full Leg


Half Leg





Hot Stone (Luxury)

(90 mins) £120

Hot Stone (Back of Body)

(60 mins) £60

Hot Stone (Back)

(30 mins) £35

Full Body

(60 mins) £50

Back, Neck, Shoulders

(30 mins) £30

Calf and Foot

(30 mins) £25

Aromatherapy (Full Body)

(90 mins) £80

Aromatherapy (Back)

(30 mins) £40



(30 mins) £25


(60 mins) £50


(75 mins) £70

Opening times

09:00 – 20:00

A 5% deposit is required for all bookings.

Clinic Location

Berkshire Skin Clinic Ltd.
Belvedere House
Basing View
RG21 4HG

By appointment only.